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Experience the transformative power of the breath with Dan Brulé in the heart of Central Europe

> 54

years of experience

> 250 000


Exclusive workshop with one of the world's best
in the field of breathwork and personal development

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a man who has dedicated his life to practicing and teaching breathwork - Dan Brulé.

Beginner or professional - everyone is welcome

Just in two and a half days, you will learn how you can use your breath to effectively regulate your nervous system, control your emotions, reduce stress and improve performance.

Practical knowledge and experience straight from the source

Dan emphasizes the practical use of breathwork as a tool for deep personal transformation. "You can't just talk about breathing, you have to experience it." Come and experience how a personal meeting with an experienced teacher can fundamentally change your perspective on breathing.

Breathwork changes lives

Learn techniques that will give you more energy, improve your concentration, creativity and productivity, reduce stress levels and fundamentally improve your health. Experience altered states of consciousness, mystical experiences and deep relaxation and bliss.

Don't miss the chance to discover the power of the breath, which can completely change your life!

The Power of Breathwork

Transform Your Health and Performance

Breathwork is an ancient and scientifically proven technology that allows you to fundamentally influence your physical, mental and emotional states through the conscious control of your breath.

Practicing breathwork allows you to "control" the nervous system so that deep regeneration occurs, stress and anxiety are reduced, and overall health is improved. Breathwork is like a remote control for your nervous system, which you use to change every process in your body and mind with the simple push of a button.

Better health

Regular breathing exercises can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation .

They also help improve respiratory function by increasing lung capacity .


Energy boost

Breathwork is a proven and natural way to boost energy (often faster than any cup of coffee!) and maintain that high energy level throughout the day.

A high level of energy is the basis not only of deep concentration , but also of productivity, efficiency, and creativity .


Reducing stress
and anxiety

A regular practice of purposeful breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for the "rest and heal" response. Breathing exercises induce the body's natural relaxation, reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, thereby reducing stress and relieving anxiety, often in less than 60 seconds.


Processing and
release of emotions

Ingrained emotions and traumas affect us more than we realize. Working with the breath makes it possible to process emotions, including deeply rooted ones , which leads to a restoration of balance and an intense connection with the present moment.


Deeper focus
and concentration

By increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, breathwork can improve focus, mental clarity and concentration. Which can be especially beneficial for tasks that require sustained attention. Breathing exercises are proven to help in the treatment of ADHD and other attention disorders .


Spiritual connection

Many people report that during breathing exercises they experience deep mystical and transcendent experiences that strengthen their spiritual path . With deep breathing exercises, you can enter a state where theta brain waves dominate, this state is sometimes called the "awakened mind".

Breathwork, one of the most powerful and available technologies,
which is completely
free of charge.

Accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.


Dan Brulé

  • Top expert and pioneer in the field of breathwork

  • Called as “Bruce Lee at Work of breathwork”

  • Founder of the BreathMastery School and the International Center For Breathwork (ICB)

His expertise in combining Prana Yoga, Qigong and Rebirthing Breathwork is the result of over half a century of study and practice in nearly 70 countries, during which he has trained over 250,000 enthusiasts.


He is the author of the bestseller Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork (foreword by Tony Robbins! translated into 11 languages).

Read Dan's story here.


What they say about Dan

Get ready to meet a personality whose knowledge and experience can change your perspective not only on breathing, but on life itself !


August 9th

Breathwork masterclass

A talk and breathwork session with Dan Brulé


  • duration: 3 hours

  • 7-10pm

  • theory and practice with Dan Brulé

  • 1x deep breathing practice ( Rebirthing style)

  • fresh drinks included

  • suitable for beginners and professionals

  • capacity: 25 people

  • simultaneous translation (English, Czech)

Early bird price
until July 20th USD 100

(full price USD 111)

The power of breathwork

The Art and Science of Breathwork,
breath mastery and spiritual breathing

with Dan Brulé

  • duration: 12 hours

  • between 10:00 and 13:00 and 14:30 and 17:30

  • theory and deep practice with Dan Brulé

  • 2x deep breathing practice (Rebirthing style)

  • various breathing exercises, techniques and meditation

  • a community of heart-centered people and connections

  • You will receive a Certificate of Participation

  • light refreshments and fresh drinks included

  • suitable for beginners and professionals

  • capacity: 25 people

  • simultaneous translation (English, Czech)

Early bird price
July 20th USD 547

(full price USD 631)

August 10-11th

Early bird
until July 20th

Workshop program


Jiří Vetešník

  • The driving force behind VETES Breathwork and the upcoming workshop.

  • The only Breath Mastery facilitator certified by Dan Brule in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • One of the region’s first SOMA Breath certified facilitators

VB Logo (4000 x 4000 px).png

Originating from the Czech Republic, Jirka has spent the last decade traveling the world, mainly Mexico and India, enriching his practice.

Jirka is an internationally certified breathwork facilitator. His diverse background blends martial arts expertise, breathwork expertise, coaching, and leadership skills.

Jirka is honored to welcome his teacher and friend Dan Brule for the first time in the Czech Republic.

Breathwork offers a way to a deeper understanding of one's own self and greater harmony in life.


Brno, Czech Republic

The workshop will be held in the newly renovated Yoga i-D studio, which is located in the historic center of city rich in history and culture. In summer, there are not many tourists and all is walkable.

  • 5 minutes walk from the main square

  • 8 minutes walk from Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (13th century)

  • 20 minutes walk from dominant Špilberk Castle

Brno is less than 2 hours drive from the international airports in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague.

Address: Poštovská 68/3, Brno, Czechia



In case of any questions, payment plans or requests, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm here for you.

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